This is my second attempt at a cycling blog. My first attempt, Velocognoscenti, was a concept based upon the glamour that we see on many cycling Instagram accounts. I dreamed of beautiful photography and expensive gear tests. However, after just a few blog posts, I realized that this idea was overdone. That’s right. Just like craft breweries, the competition-based road cycling blog market is over-saturated.

Where are the blogs geared to the average Joe cyclist? You know, the ones who work a 9-to-5 in the corporate world, have family responsibilities, and enjoy one beer too many on the weekend. The ones that, while advocating for safer bicycling, also have a car in the garage which they don’t intend to sell (and *gasp!* may even enjoy driving!). The ones that dream of having expensive bikes, but also dream of having comfortable homes and well-funded retirement plans.

These are the cyclists which seem to be under-represented. These are the everyday cyclists.